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Have you ever wanted to try candle making yourself? You’d be surprised how many people do and how easy it is to make your own candles. You just need a few things to start:

  • Basic instructions
  • Some tools and
  • Candle Making Supplies

Pictured above are my first two attempts and I have to say they came out very well and burn nicely! I’ve never done this before so I decided to start with an ebook called The Secrets to Successful Candle Making. It gave me all the information I needed to get started. I gathered the suggested materials I already had at home and then one trip to the craft store for the candle making supplies and I was ready to go.

Container candles are the easiest to start with so that’s what I did. I found special candle wax in the craft store that had everything already prepared: the wax, color and scent and even the wicks were included. All I had to do was melt the wax in a double boiler, hot glue the wick to the bottom of the container and secure it to a pencil across the top to keep it straight. Then when the candle wax was at the right temperature, I transferred it to a pouring pot and then poured it slowly into the container. The hardest part was waiting for it to cool so I could top it off and then burn it!

Along the way I learned some things that I’ll pass along in future posts so come back soon. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter or RSS feed, I’ll keep you up to date. I’ll share more complex techniques to make really unique candles as I try them myself. If you have any tips or experiences, please share them in the comments area. We can learn from each other.

Now is the perfect time to start candle making as the holidays are coming.  People already know they will be getting a handmade gift this year as I perfect my candle making skills! Why don’t you join me in the fun?

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Candle Making Kits: the Easy Way to Get Started

Candle Making KitOne of the easiest and fool-proof ways to get started is with a candle making kit. For the cost of the pouring pot alone you can get the pouring pot plus the candle making supplies needed to make your first few candles.

This kit is available through Amazon.com for $16.95 and will have you on your way in no time at all! Included are the pouring pot, a thermometer, one pound of wax, 3 votive cups, 9 wick assemblies, color and scent.

Click here to see this Candle Making Kit.

Complete Soy Candle KitAnother popular kit is the soy candle making kit. (More on the benefits of soy wax in a future post.) These kits are typically a little more expensive and do not include the pouring pot. Many people prefer working with soy, however, for a number of reasons. Soy wax is more environmentally friendly, soy candles burn longer than paraffin and you don’t need a double boiler. You can melt the wax directly on your heat source (usually your stove.)

This soy candle making kit at Amazon ($22.99) is a good starting place. It contains: 1 Bag of Soy Wax, 1 oz. of a fragrance of your choice (there is a drop down menu with a lot to choose from!), 1/2 oz. of Candle Color Dye, 2 glass containers, 2 wicks, 2 Wick Stickers, and complete instructions.

Click here for the Complete Soy Candle Starter Kit.

Soy Candle Making KitIf you want a larger Soy Candle Making Kit ($49.99), this one includes: Instructional DVD, Instruction Sheet, Soy Wax, Jars, Pre-Tabbed Wicks, Drinking Straw, Drilled Wooden Wick Bars, Stirring Stick, Red, Yellow & Blue Dye Blocks, Scent, Burning Instruction Labels.

Click here for the Soy Candle Making Kit.

You can get the Pouring Pot also from Amazon for $9.99 (cheaper than at a craft store) and melt the wax directly in it.

So there you have it. Some options to get started the easy way with a candle making kit.

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My Candle Making with Pinecones Results

So here are the results of my pinecone fire starter project after I posted the instructions.

I think they came out quite well! I had some soy wax in my melting pot left over from another candle making project so I started with that for the prime. I also wanted to try my idea of making it look snow covered. The soy wax is softer (normally used for container candles) so the white looks soft and fluffy.

I used recycled paraffin from an old red candle to turn the bottom part red. I think the whole thing including melting both waxes took about a half hour or so. I dipped the pinecone in the white about 3 times and the same for the red. I only had to give them a few seconds to cool before dipping again. Since I did two I just alternated with a little break in between each and it worked out just fine. If you want more wax build up, you’d just dip it a few more times.

One thing I did a little differently from the video was the amount of wax I melted. I don’t like to waste materials and the pinecone did leave some small bits in the melted wax after dipping. I just found that I had to tip the wax pot a bit and move the pinecone around so it would get coated pretty evenly. Of course if you’re doing a lot of pinecones you can melt more and just dip.

Now I just need a friend with a working fireplace! Come back and leave a comment if you try this project too and burn them in your fireplace. I’d like to hear about how it worked for you.

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The Holidays are Coming!

Are you ready???!?!? Here is a sale and a gift idea for you. If you’re not familiar with CreateforLess, take a look. They are a crafter’s paradise!

Holiday Sale

CreateForLess Gift Certificates

Thanksgiving Weekend and Cyber Monday Sale

They will also be offering a Thanksgiving Free Shipping Special. You will get free shipping on orders over $75 (regularly $100). Avoid the crowds and hassles of the mall Thanksgiving weekend, by doing your bargain hunting online with CreateForLess. This offer will be available 11/22-11/28.

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Candle Making with Pinecones

Ok, it’s only the second of November but we’ve already had our first snow here in Maryland so it’s time to think about candling making DIY projects for the upcoming holidays!

Here’s a really easy and fun idea I found from Peake Candle – pinecone candles. They suggest using them as fire starters. They would be an inexpensive and unique gift for anyone you know who has a fireplace.

They don’t mention where to get the pinecones but I know they are easily available at craft stores. I imagine you could gather them in your woods as well as long as you clean and dry them thoroughly before using. And I would also say that paraffin wax would work best.

Watching the video gave me some ideas of how you could make them even more interesting. If you prime them with a white layer and then just dip the lower part in the colored wax, you could achieve the effect of the pinecone having snow on it.

I’ll make some in the next couple days and post pictures. If you want to try it and send me a picture, I’ll post yours too!

Happy pinecone Candle Making DIY!

Candle Making with Pinecones

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Confused About What Candle Wax to Use?

I’ve been on a video kick lately, can you tell? You can learn so much about candle making techniques and supplies this way. And it’s fun to see the visual images.

So here’s one for you from Candlewic on how to choose the right candle wax for your container candle project. They of course talk about their products, and I definitely recommend them, but the information is also useful if you buy your supplies at your local craft shop.

Enjoy this candle making video!

Choosing the Right Candle Making Wax

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Candle Making by Recycling

I just saw a great video that reminded me that a great source of candle wax is old candles. A friend of mine gave me a huge bag of broken tapers and pillar candles that I was able to melt down and re-use. As the person in the video says too, if you have a project that doesn’t come out as well as you’d like, you can melt it down and start over.

In her video she broke up not so good results and made chunk candles. That reminded me too of a chunk candle I make with recycled wax that I thought came out really well. Here’s a picture:

So take a look at the video and see what you can create with your recycled wax in your next candle making session.

Candle Making by Recycling

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If you use WordPress for your business website like I do, you may be interested in a great new plugin I’ve discovered. It’s called CommentLuv and it helps increase the number of comments you attract and therefore your ranking.

Currently there is a free version, which I’m now using here, but coming soon there will be a premium version that looks to be very powerful. And there is a contest I found where you can win it! Here are the details:

There is a hot new WordPress plugin coming soon! Cathy Stucker is giving away a free copy at her book marketing site, SellingBooks. Learn how you can enter and win by visiting Cathy’s CommentLuv Premium giveaway page.

So check it out in between your candle making projects!

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Fixing Candle Making Mistakes

If you read my post on Pillar Candle Making, you’ll remember that I had some issues with the top of the candle when I finished. I had poured the last layer too fast so there were bubbles and the final pour to fill in the well didn’t go quite right. Here’s how the top looked:

Pillar Candle Top

Pillar Candle Top Before

I read somewhere that a candle maker’s best friend is a heat gun. So I got an electric heat gun manufactured by Chicago to see if it could fix the top of my pillar.

I was really surprised by how great it worked and how easy it was to fix the top. It heated immediately and melted the wax on just the top very quickly. I used the lowest setting and did it a couple times because I wanted to get it as smooth as possible and also not melt too much of the top layer. You have to be careful when doing this that you don’t get any spills down the side. I got a tiny one that easily broke off as it wasn’t that hot

Here’s how it looks now:

Pillar Candle Top After

I’m also very happy to see from the instruction booklet that I can use this heat gun for other projects. Besides home improvement type projects like paint removal, it can be used to disinfect pet areas, defrost icy stairs, steps and door locks. It can be used in your candle making projects to shrink wrap the final candle and to pre-warm molds, containers and glassware.

It’s an all around good buy. It’s lightweight, easy to use and very effective. You can get one from Amazon.com here.

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Candle Making – Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Pillar CandleIn the ebook, The Secrets to Successful Candle Making, there are some instructions for making specialty candles. One of them she calls Fire and Ice and it’s very cool – literally!!

What you do is fill the candle making mold of your choice with ice chunks before you pour in the wax. The instructions say to pour the wax all around the top, not just in one place so you don’t get a hole in the candle.

What I do when using a mold, is put it on a small pie pan. That way should some of the wax seep out the bottom of the mold it won’t get all over the counter. Well this technique really helped because all I had to do was rotate the pan while pouring the wax so it would pour evenly around.

Things I noticed when I did this candle making project:

  • The wax hardens much faster. I didn’t have to wait overnight.
  • Check carefully before you pour to be sure the wick is straight.
  • The water from the melted ice pours out easily around the sides and the holes in the top.
  • The top did not need an extra pour, it came out flat.Top of the Fire and Ice Pillar Candle
  • The instructions say to take it out carefully because it is fragile, and that is right!

I’m letting it dry for the recommended week and will let you know how strong it is after that time. I also had the idea that maybe next time I’ll flip it and make the bottom the top since the top is stronger and more solid.

Here’s how the bottom looks:

Bottom of the Fire and Ice Pillar Candle

If you haven’t yet, get The Secrets to Successful Candle Making for more unique candle making ideas. And of course, come back here soon!

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What About Palm Wax?

Palm Wax PillarsPalm Wax for candle making is another natural wax similar to soy wax. The raw ingredient comes from palm trees primarily grown in Malaysia. Palm trees grow berries which are harvested and sent to palm oil mills for processing. Eventually the oil is turned into products ranging from edible products including cooking and frying oil to non-edible products including candle making wax.

The benefits of palm wax include:

  • Candles have a hot, bright flame with little soot that burn longer
  • Creates a crystallizing effect which makes the candles unique
  • Makes a hard smooth candle that doesn’t sag in hot weather
  • Hold fragrances well
  • Cleans up easily
  • Is a renewable, eco-friendly resource

For a more detailed description of how palm wax is manufactured in Malaysia, click here.

You can buy high quality palm wax at Candlewic. They have excellent information on what types of candles can be make and recommendations on the molds, wicks, scents and colors that work best with this wax. Visit their website here, and click on the first tab for Candle Wax.

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The Benefits of Soy Wax

Soy wax is the favored choice of a lot of candle making experts for a number of reasons.

1. Soy wax is cleaner burning. Paraffin wax comes from petroleum processing while soy wax comes from soybeans.

2. It is biodegradable and a renewable resource. Using soy products also helps support American farmers.

3. Soy wax is easier to clean up than paraffin. Spills can be cleaned up easily with soap and water.

4. Candles made with soy wax burn for a longer time. And they burn cooler with less soot.

5. Soy wax is less expensive than beeswax, another natural alternative.

If you are going green in other areas of your life, you may want to consider using soy wax more. It is most often used in making container candles. Many experts say that making soy container candles is extremely easy. My experience so far agrees with that. There are new blends now that combine soy wax with other natural waxes so it can be used for pillar candles.

For more information about soy wax you can visit these two websites:

To buy soy wax at an affordable price, you can visit Candlewic.com. They currently offer low prices and coupons for additional savings. They also carry the EcoSoya pillar blend wax to make pillar and molded candles.

It is also available at GeneralWax.com for a good price.

Enjoy your candle making adventures and give soy a try if you haven’t yet.

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