Candle Making – Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Pillar CandleIn the ebook, The Secrets to Successful Candle Making, there are some instructions for making specialty candles. One of them she calls Fire and Ice and it’s very cool – literally!!

What you do is fill the candle making mold of your choice with ice chunks before you pour in the wax. The instructions say to pour the wax all around the top, not just in one place so you don’t get a hole in the candle.

What I do when using a mold, is put it on a small pie pan. That way should some of the wax seep out the bottom of the mold it won’t get all over the counter. Well this technique really helped because all I had to do was rotate the pan while pouring the wax so it would pour evenly around.

Things I noticed when I did this candle making project:

  • The wax hardens much faster. I didn’t have to wait overnight.
  • Check carefully before you pour to be sure the wick is straight.
  • The water from the melted ice pours out easily around the sides and the holes in the top.
  • The top did not need an extra pour, it came out flat.Top of the Fire and Ice Pillar Candle
  • The instructions say to take it out carefully because it is fragile, and that is right!

I’m letting it dry for the recommended week and will let you know how strong it is after that time. I also had the idea that maybe next time I’ll flip it and make the bottom the top since the top is stronger and more solid.

Here’s how the bottom looks:

Bottom of the Fire and Ice Pillar Candle

If you haven’t yet, get The Secrets to Successful Candle Making for more unique candle making ideas. And of course, come back here soon!

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