Candle Making with Soy Wax

Layered Soy Wax CandleMy first soy candle came out very nicely too. I had fewer problems with doing a layered one this time, in part because of what I learned doing the first one and in part because the soy wax acted differently than the paraffin.

This time I was more patient and really let a hard top form before I poured the next layer. The consistency of the soy wax is different from paraffin. It’s a little softer so it took longer to get that hard top. So what I did was separate the wax and color it and then let it sit until it was time to pour. I needed to heat it up again as it had started to harden, but that didn’t take long. Clean up was faster and easier with this wax too.

One lingering question I’ve had is how much wax will be needed for what I’m making. I measured out 2 cups of the soy wax flakes and it filled the container as you see. It’s a jar 2 ½” diameter to a height of 2 ½”. I found instructions later that say to pour water into the container you are going to use and measure it. Add ¼ cup of more and you’ll have the right amount of wax. I imagine this will work with a mold too.

Another difference I noticed was that I didn’t need to do a second pour. No well developed in this candle so the finished top is perfect. The only down side of soy wax is you can only use it in containers. No doubt due to the more soft quality of the finished product

This one is going to be my first gift to a friend. I wonder who is going to get it…….It’s a secret!

Photo note: The candle is pictured with a pitcher created by Malcolm Davis.

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