How Much Does It Cost To Do Candle Making?

Candle making start up costs are really not very high. You need some basic tools but once you’ve bought them all you need to buy from then on are the candle supplies.

Here is a list of the basic tools you’ll need and what they cost me at a local Maryland craft store.

  • Pouring pot: $16.99
  • Mini glue gun: $2.59
  • Thermometer: $7.99

You will also need a double boiler if you want to do anything other than soy wax which can be melted directly in your pouring pot. I was lucky and had a very old double boiler I had saved for…now I know why! You may be able to pick one up very cheaply at a yard sale. New ones can cost from $14 to $50 depending on where you get it and its quality. You don’t really need a high quality one for candle making. What you do need is one where the water in the lower pot will not splash into the upper one when you melt the wax.

Another option is to create one yourself by putting a smaller pot into a larger one. Sarah Johnston, the author of The Secrets to Successful Candle Making, gives some instructions on how to make one yourself so you can save that cost easily.

Other miscellaneous things that you’ll need and most likely will have around the house include:

  • Pencils – for securing the top of the wick to keep it straight
  • Bic pen – the barrel is used to keep the wick straight when you hot glue it inside a container
  • Scissors – to trim excess wick
  • Hammer and screwdriver/chisel – to break apart a block of candle wax
  • Paper towels – to clean up spills
  • Stirrer – to stir in scent and color. I used a chopstick. A wooden spoon, dowel or a pencil would work as well.
  • Packing paper or plastic bag – to protect your work space
  • Notepad – to take notes on what you did so you can repeat it

After that you’ll need the actual candle supplies. Here’s what I bought so I could try a number of different candles:

  • Soy wax, one pound: $5.99
  • Premium wax, one pound: $3.99
  • Lilac wax with wicks (what I used for the candles pictures on this site): $5.99
  • Dye block ½ oz: $1.49
  • Lavender scent 1.2 oz: $2.99
  • Hexagon mold: $19.99
  • Mold sealer: $3.99
  • Mold release: $10.99
  • Mold cleaner 8 oz: $9.99

So there you have it and you see it doesn’t have to be expensive. I bought a few more candle supplies than you would need to get started mostly because I knew I’d want to make a variety of candles. And remember from my previous post, you can start much less expensively if you get a kit.

Now it’s time to make another candle. I want to do a molded one next. Pictures to come!

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