My Candle Making with Pinecones Results

So here are the results of my pinecone fire starter project after I posted the instructions.

I think they came out quite well! I had some soy wax in my melting pot left over from another candle making project so I started with that for the prime. I also wanted to try my idea of making it look snow covered. The soy wax is softer (normally used for container candles) so the white looks soft and fluffy.

I used recycled paraffin from an old red candle to turn the bottom part red. I think the whole thing including melting both waxes took about a half hour or so. I dipped the pinecone in the white about 3 times and the same for the red. I only had to give them a few seconds to cool before dipping again. Since I did two I just alternated with a little break in between each and it worked out just fine. If you want more wax build up, you’d just dip it a few more times.

One thing I did a little differently from the video was the amount of wax I melted. I don’t like to waste materials and the pinecone did leave some small bits in the melted wax after dipping. I just found that I had to tip the wax pot a bit and move the pinecone around so it would get coated pretty evenly. Of course if you’re doing a lot of pinecones you can melt more and just dip.

Now I just need a friend with a working fireplace! Come back and leave a comment if you try this project too and burn them in your fireplace. I’d like to hear about how it worked for you.

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