Pillar Candle Making

Layered Pillar CandleHere’s my first pillar candle made in a hexagonal mold. It came out great, although not exactly as planned. I used premium candle wax and the wick that came with the mold.

What you see took about a pound of candle wax. Be prepared for some physical work when you break the block of wax into small pieces. A hammer and screwdriver worked for me, but it did take some effort.

Now what worked:

  • I used mold release in the mold before pouring. The finished pillar candle slid out just as promised.
  • I used the sealing material that came with the mold to seal the wick at the bottom of the mold. No leaking occurred.
  • The top color came out a dark purple like what I wanted. I was surprised how much dye it took though. The sections it comes in look dark, but when combined with the candle wax, dilute a lot. To test the color I dropped a little on a piece of wax paper. Near the end I dropped it on a piece of white paper so the color showed better.

What didn’t work:

  • I wanted to make a three layered pillar candle. The instructions I got said to wait until the first layer was cool with a pretty hard top before adding the next. I didn’t wait quite long enough and poured a little too fast so the first and second layers blended a little. Actually when I took it out at the end I’m not unhappy with how it came out. It’s sort of a gradient. But next time I’ll wait for the first layer to harden more. The third layer was better.
  • When I poured the second layer, I poured it using a can that I kept the wax melted in. The instructions suggested separating the wax into cans so they could be different colors. For the third layer I poured from the pouring pitcher which worked out much better. That wax was also a little cooler than layer two.
  • Pillar Candle TopThe top of the candle didn’t come out very well. I poured the last layer better, but still too fast so I got bubbles on the top. I also didn’t save enough wax for the final pour so it didn’t mix well. It’s tricky because you have to have enough but if you have too much it will spill down the sides of the candle and make it hard to get out of the mold.

Pillar CandleOverall I’m really happy with my first pillar candle and look forward to improving my technique. It’s ready to display now. Just don’t look to closely at the top! But then it will look better after the first time I burn it, won’t it??!??!?

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  2. Charlotte says:

    Love the layered effect!

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