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My Candle Making with Pinecones Results

So here are the results of my pinecone fire starter project after I posted the instructions. I think they came out quite well! I had some soy wax in my melting pot left over from another candle making project so I started with that for the prime. I also wanted to try my idea of […]

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Confused About What Candle Wax to Use?

I’ve been on a video kick lately, can you tell? You can learn so much about candle making techniques and supplies this way. And it’s fun to see the visual images. So here’s one for you from Candlewic on how to choose the right candle wax for your container candle project. They of course talk […]

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Candle Making by Recycling

I just saw a great video that reminded me that a great source of candle wax is old candles. A friend of mine gave me a huge bag of broken tapers and pillar candles that I was able to melt down and re-use. As the person in the video says too, if you have a […]

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