Tips From a Candle Making Beginner

OK! I made my first candles in containers and I learned a couple things not mentioned in the book.

#1. The wax melts slowly if you put it in the double boiler in large chunks. My first time, the wax got too hot so I had to turn off the heat and wait for it to cool down to pouring temperature. The next time I put smaller pieces in and it was a lot easier and faster.

#2. I learned when gluing the wick to the bottom of the container, the glue sets up really fast! So be careful where you place it when you first set it in.

#3. The instructions in the book said you have the option of heating your container before pouring the wax. I placed the wick then heated the container in my oven and when I got it out the wick had melted slightly (it was pre-waxed) and so it came out of the tab. I got it back in but it was tricky there for a minute. The next one I didn’t heat and it turned out just as well.

#4. After making the candles, I was left with the question of how to clean up. A quick Internet search gave me this suggestion: Line an old cookie sheet with 3-4 layers of paper towel. Put your pots upside down on the towels and put them in the oven on the keep warm setting for about 5 minutes. The wax will melt off onto the towels. Then take them out and wipe with a clean paper towel while they are still warm. Be careful when you take them out that they may be hot to the touch. Once cleaned, you’re ready to go for the next project.

    Stay tuned for more tips!

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    1. Charlotte says:

      The step by step instructions are really helpful… especially because the reader can benefit by avoiding the mistakes that are described.

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